Simple Order System

A simple and affordable web based ordering system for Photo Labs and Printers

Main Simple Order System screen


While the Simple Order System is quite simple, it does have some cool features:

  • Products are separated into Product Catalogs
  • Product pricing can be flat or tiered, tiers can be per image or per order for the same size
  • Products can have sets of Options, like Mounting, Hanging Options etc.
  • Shipping can be one of 3 types:
    • Lab Pickup - simplest checkout, only name, business name, email and phone number
    • Ship - checkout collects the complete shipping address
    • Dropship - collects the contact info for the person ordering as well as the name and address to ship to
  • Shipping prices can be one of 3 types:
    • Flat Rate - one price
    • Tiered by Order Total
    • Tiered by Weight of products and options
  • LabWorks POS integration
  • Global Options - when checking out you can create your own global options
  • Email notification of order - both to customer and the lab
  • Images are uploaded to AWS S3 in a folder structure - customer name and order number >> product catalog >> product_qty
    • Orders are downloaded from S3 by using any S3 compatible client, we recommend CloudBerry Explorer.
Please note that the Simple Order System does not currently support payment while checking out. You can build a link to pay via PayPal in the order notification email that can work with some simple javascript on a page on your website.


Minimum fee is $500 a year, and includes up to 3,000 orders and or 30,000 images (per year). Excess orders are billed at $.10 per order, excess images are billed at $.01 per image. Excess image and order fees are assessed quarterly or annually based on volume.

There is no percent of sales taken.

Price does not include AWS S3 fees which will vary depending on the amount of data transfer and data storage, but generally should not be more than a couple dollars per month for most users. S3 storage is around $.03 per GB/month, and transfer is about $.09 per GB/month. See AWS S3 Pricing for more info.


Take it for a spin and upload orders to our Demo site!

Demo Site

Press Printed Cards - 5x7 Flat is a great example with lots of options and quantity based prices.

Sign Up

Interested in using the Simple Order System? send us an email and we will send you a link where you can sign up for a 30 day trial.

Ask for a 30 Day Trial

About the Simple Order System

My name is Ron, and I own a photo lab in San Diego called aka Fromex Photo. I built the SOS because I wanted a simple, quick and inexpensive way for my customers to order online. While we also have another full featured system, and encourage people to use it, it is more complex and takes more time to build an order if you already have files that are ready to print (this is where the SOS shines). It also works on phones and tablets and is very simple to use. While it doesn't show cropping, it seems that many people don't understand how to do that anyways so why not skip it altogether.

I did not build this system to be the best system available, more of something that fills a particular niche, and does so at a minimum cost, which in my lab it does perfectly.

Please note that while this system is reliable and easy to maintain, it is not 100% perfect and can fail for a variety of reasons.

Please note the following about this system:

  • It does NOT show a cropping preview
  • It does NOT allow payment at checkout
  • It does NOT allow templates for greeting cards and what not
  • It does NOT have a dedicated order downloader (use CloudBerry Explorer)
  • It does NOT integrate with any printer
  • All images are kept in YOUR S3 account, if you delete them they cannot be recovered.
  • We do not keep any order info other than some metrics - order #, last name, # of images and date. If you loose the email or the POS report there is no way to recover the order info.