Simple Order System

A simple and affordable web based ordering system for Photo Labs and Printers

The Simple Order System is currently in Beta testing. If you would like to try it out please contact us at

August 2016


While the Simple Order System is quite simple, it does have some cool features:

  • Products are separated into Product Catalogs
  • Product pricing can be flat or tiered, tiers can be per image or per order for the same size
  • Products can have sets of Options, like Mounting, Hanging Options etc.
  • Shipping can be one of 3 types:
    • Lab Pickup - simplest checkout, only name, business name, email and phone number
    • Ship - checkout collects the complete shipping address
    • Dropship - collects the contact info for the person ordering as well as the name and address to ship to
  • Shipping prices can be one of 3 types:
    • Flat Rate - one price
    • Tiered by Order Total
    • Tiered by Weight of products and options
  • LabWorks POS integration
  • Global Options - when checking out you can create your own global options
  • Email notification of order - both to customer and the lab